Shipping Info

We ship by USPS Priority Mail and UPS Ground. It is our goal to ship your order to you via the method that you choose. Occasionally, when pricing is cheaper, we will upgrade your shipping to a faster method. Also, if we have your order drop shipped from the manufacturer, the method they use is UPS Ground, no matter what shipping method you choose.  Also, please understand that "priority mail" does not guarantee your order will get processed in 2 or 3 days but that once shipped it will take either 2 or 3 days for the postal service to get your order to you.  We do strive to process orders between 2 and 3 business days in normal times.

Shipping Cost Calculations

Shipping costs are based on the weight of the items you ordered and the destination they are going to plus the size box. The charges will be calculated in the shopping cart when you log in or register, based on the actual shipping address they are going to.

The weight of your total order is estimated. Since many of our products are empty bottles and tubes, the final weight of the package(s) may be different than what is calculated by the shopping cart. We understand this is an inconvenience but there are always variances.

Oversize Packages

Due to the light weight and large bulk of empty Foam Pump Bottles and Malibu Tubes, large orders sometimes ship in multiple boxes. This can throw off the shipping calculations as our shopping cart cannot make this calculation.

Therefore, we reserve the right to adjust the shipping charges if necessary. We do, however, do everything we can to keep the boxes below the oversize cut-off.

If the shipping expense is considerably more we will generally contact you before shipping.

Lost Packages

While shipments by US Mail (USPS) have tracking numbers, they are not tracked the same way as UPS packages.

In the unlikely event that your package is lost, please contact us immediately with the details (you can email or phone) so we can start tracking it down.

International Shipments

All international orders will be shipped by US International Priority Mail unless other arrangements are made in advance. The US Mail service recently changed their pricing and it is always expensive to ship overseas. There are also size limitations on the boxes that can be sent to some countries. For larger orders, please contact us by email so we can help you get the best use of your shipping funds. Packing one box of the maximum allowable size as completely as possible decreases the cost per item in the long run.

You, the receiver of the goods, are responsible for any customs duties or inspections. We will fill out the forms on this end honestly and correctly. Please don't ask us to say that it's "samples" or a "gift" when it's not.

We reserve the right to refuse international orders that we deem questionable or that come from areas with a known high fraud risk.

Packing Materials

We use packing peanuts or craft paper as filler items for the packages we ship. We try to package most orders to keep packing peanuts from getting inside the empty containers. Occasionally this cannot be avoided and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The bottles, jars, lids and other containers are usually packed in boxes and/or bags before being put into the box. Powders and other ingredients are double packaged and the ingredients are clearly listed on the package. So far we haven't had any trouble with the shipping of our "white powders", but better safe than sorry.


If you have any questions about shipping methods, costs or schedules, please feel free to contact us.