Shipping Info

Orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail and UPS Ground. We strive to ship orders by your preferred method when possible. In some instances, we may even upgrade your shipping to a faster method when pricing is more cost-effective. In other situations, UPS Ground will be the only option for some shipments regardless of the shipping method chosen, based on pre-determined shipping requirements. 

The 2-to-3-day period for "Priority Mail" is the time the postal service ensures that your shipment will be delivered once processed and does not include the time for processing your order. We do strive to process and fulfill all orders between 2-to-3 business days in normal conditions. However, occasionally we experience an influx in orders or inventory that may affect normal processing times.

Note that the “Hold for Pickup” selection indicates your request for the US Postal Service to hold the package at the post office until you pick it up from there. This selection is beneficial for those without a secure area to which the package can be delivered or if the timeliness of delivery is not in alignment with your availability to receive it.


Shipping Cost Calculations

Shipping costs are determined by several factors: the weight of the items ordered, the size of the box, and the destination to which they are going. Shipping charges will be calculated in the shopping cart when you log in or register and will calculate based on the actual shipping address input for your order.

The weight of your total order is estimated. Since many of our products are empty bottles and tubes, the final weight of the package(s) may vary from what is estimated by the shopping cart. We understand this is an inconvenience, but variances are expected and adjusted.


Oversize Packages

Due to the light weight and large bulk of empty Foam Pump Bottles and Malibu Tubes, large orders sometimes ship in multiple boxes. These factors may result in a greater variance of shipping calculations, as our shopping cart cannot make this determination or adjust for multiple-box shipments.

To provide you with the lowest cost, we make every effort to package orders in cost-efficient combinations and/or ensure shipped boxes remain below the oversize limit when possible. We reserve the right to adjust shipping charges when necessary if an efficient packaging method cannot be utilized.

However, if the final shipping expense is considerably more than the estimated cost provided in the shopping cart, we will generally contact you prior to shipping your order.


Lost Packages

While shipments by US Mail (USPS) do have tracking numbers, they are not tracked using the same method as those used by UPS packages.

In the unlikely event that your package is lost, please contact us immediately (by email or phone), so we can initiate an inquiry with the carrier service.


International Shipments

All international orders will be shipped via US International Priority Mail unless other arrangements are made in advance. Shipping costs have increased for the US Mail service, and these costs consequently impact international orders as well. Some countries regulate limitations on box sizes. Please contact us by email for larger orders, so we can provide the most cost-efficient method for shipment.

You, the receiver of goods, are responsible for any customs duties or inspections. We will fill out all applicable forms honestly and correctly for shipments. No phrasing of "samples" or "gifts" will be exercised, even upon request.

We reserve the right to refuse international orders deemed questionable or that originate from areas with a known high-fraud risk.


Packing Materials

Craft paper is typically used as a filler item in packages to decrease movement and/or damage of products shipped. Bottles, jars, lids, and other containers are typically packed in an additional bag liner or box before they are placed into the shipping box.

Powders and other ingredients are double packaged, with ingredients clearly listed on the package.



If you have any additional questions not specified above regarding shipping methods, costs, or schedules, feel free to contact us.