About Us

ForSoapmakers was founded in 2001 by soapmaking pioneer and expert, Marie Gale, author of “Soap and Cosmetic Labeling,” and many other well-known books popular among soapmaking groups and forums. In 2015, Marie decided to pursue other adventures with her family. We then became the proud new owners of ForSoapmakers.

We strive every day to deliver the same superior products, ethics, and service that ForSoapmakers was founded upon. Our mission is to provide quality products at affordable wholesale prices to individuals and businesses like you!

While sustainability and eco-conscious impacts have become an increasing focus in our world today, we are proud to offer products that are refillable, reusable, endure the test of time, and even decrease the amount of product waste.    

As we continue to grow as a company, we encourage you to share your feedback and product needs. If you would like to see additional products added to our inventory, let us know! Visit our “Contact Us” page for multiple ways to stay in touch. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your soapmaking experiences.