Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  Where are you located?

A.  We are located South Carolina.


Q.  Do you ship internationally and if so am I able to use my own shipping company?

A.  We do ship internationally but we use our own shipping method (USPS or UPS International).


Q.  Why is the shipping cost usually different from when I place my order?

A.  The shopping cart only estimates a shipping cost using the weight of the product.  Larger bottles are empty 

     and don't weigh very much but they do take up alot more space.   Therefore, if very several large bottles are ordered

     they usually require an oversized box and oversized boxes require more shipping.  Shipping cost can also be less than

     what is estimated in the shopping cart. 


Q.  How long before my order ships?

A.  As long as we have the item in stock we strive to get orders out within 2-3 business days (Monday-Friday).


Q.  Why do I need to text?

A.  We are trying to keep costs as low as possible for our customers therefore, we keep all hands busy processing orders. 

     If you leave a text we will return your call but depending on our work schedule it may take a few hours.  You are

     welcome to send an email by using the "Contact Us" tab.


Q.  How am I refunded if you run out of an item after I have placed my order?

A.  Your credit/debit card is not actually charged at the time of your order.  It is "pre-authorized" meaning your bank

     usually sets aside those funds until the merchant (in this case ForSoapmakers.com/SM Enterprises) turns the

     pre-authorization into an actual transaction.  So, if we run out of an item before your order is processed we only

     charge your card for the actual amount of your order and not the pre-authorized amount. 


Q.  Are Foamer Pumps interchangeable with regular type pumps?

A.  No, Foamer Pumps have different type threads from other type pumps therefore, only bottles with the same type

     threads are able to be used.  A bottle that came with a squirt pump can not be used with a foamer pump since they

     do not have the same type threads.