Malibu Tubes

"Malibu Tubes" are the squeezable tubes that stand on their "heads" (cap side down). Our Malibu Tubes come in 2 oz, 4 oz, and 6 oz, and each size is available in white and natural (translucent). They're made from HDPE plastic, so they are durable yet squeezable. Note that the "2 oz" size actually holds a bit more - almost 2.5 oz. total.

The lids are white "butterfly caps" that snap open. The dispensing hole in the cap is .19". It's big enough for thick creams and fine-to-medium scrubs, yet small enough for thinner lotions. All caps are white, and we now have some with a silver band. The picture doesn't do justice to these caps - they are very shiny and can take your product to a whole new level!


First find a way to stand up the tubes you want to fill as you'll probably need both hands for the filling. Some possibilities are to tightly wedge 6 - 10 tubes opening-side-up in a bowl or measuring cup or stand up a row of tubes between boards or bricks. I made a frame of wood and stretched 2" wire mesh across it - the holes of the mesh are big enough for the tubes to go in and it will hold quite a few at attention and ready to be filled.

Then you need to get the product into the tubes. As the neck opening is about 1/2 inch, there are various options. The easiest is if you make your lotion or cream and can pour it while it's hot (or warm) and let it set up in the tubes. That only requires a pouring vessel and a small funnel.

If your product is already thick when you are ready to get it into the tubes, then you need to squeeze it in. The thinner the product is, the easier it is to fill the tubes. So if there is a possibility of thinning the product just a bit by warming it slightly, that's probably a good idea. Depending on what you have on hand and what you're familiar with, some methods to squeeze the product in are: cookie press, icing bag (with large hole tip) or a plastic bag with the tip of one corner cut out.

My personal experience is that the first few tubes are the hardest, and after you get the hang of it they get pretty easy to fill.

Shrink Bands

The caps of the malibu tubes snap securely shut. However, they can still be easily opened. In order to keep your product tamper-proof, we offer inexpensive shrink bands that fit on all the Malibu caps. (They also keep customers from "sampling" products on display!)

Shrink bands are easy to apply. Just slip the band over the cap and hit it with a heat gun or blow dryer. The band will shrink right into place. These bands are medium weight, clear, and vertically perforated so the customer won't need help getting it open.